Why Sail a Tall Ship

There are many routes to high adventure and pathways to explore the remote corners of the world.  One does not have to leave dry land to learn new and unusual skills, or to find new friendships.  And challenges abound in regular workaday life, so why do we seek them out in voyages under sail upon the high seas?

There is something about the uncontrived and authentic character of life at sea that just can’t be found in other settings.  Perhaps it is the awesome beauty and humbling power of the sea itself, ever changing, the last and greatest wilderness on earth.  Perhaps it is the grandeur of the ship, with her towering masts and taut sails, evoking the great voyages of exploration and mankind’s ancient and restless quest to cross the next horizon.  Maybe it is the profound satisfaction of being part of a good crew, where shared adventure and close teamwork forge deep and abiding bonds of friendship and mutual respect. 

Whatever your motivation, sailing a tall ship is an experience like no other.  When you cast off from shore, the noise of everyday life quickly fall astern, replaced with the simple rhythms of life aboard ship.  Sailing through the day, with shipmates at your side, you learn and master new seafaring skills and achieve a new sense of competency.  Day resolves in glorious sunset…which fades into the vast nighttime starscape…which gives way to the soft morning’s sunrise…and so a fresh day beckons.  You roll down the miles on your appointed course, with fair and steady breezes that are punctuated from time to time by weather that challenges you to be strong and stalwart facing the power of wind and wave.

The rewards we reap from sailing a tall ship are deep and durable, because the challenges are so real, and the experience is so personal.  Seafaring is a whole body, mind and spirit experience, and the way of a ship demands our very best.  We are naturally inspired to strive for personal excellence, but in the supportive context of tight teamwork.  Courage, confidence, competency, respect, responsibility, and dedication to a goal are the values that are promoted through tall ship sailing.  These character traits have always defined successful people, and in today’s fast-paced world, they are more valuable than ever. 

What can be better, more gratifying, more empowering or more fun than when someone breaks the uncertainty barrier with the joyful shout: “I can do that!”  

Tall Ships America is dedicated to idea that you can, too.  Welcome to the exciting world of tall ships sailing!