Seaward is a graceful & sturdy steel-hulled, staysail schooner. She is US Coast Guard-inspected, built in 1988 to the highest standards, and equipped for ocean voyaging. Safe & comfortable, she is a nimble ship underway. Seaward moves easily under all points of sail, thanks to her powerful & versatile rig. She has beautiful wooden decks, and her interior has the wooden elegance of a classic yacht. With a roomy navigator’s cabin and comfortable main salon, she is very easy underway. Passengers sleep in large single berths with privacy curtains. Bathroom facilities are shared.

When underway, the ship and crew are operating around the clock; participants are encouraged to sail the ship alongside the crew as experience and abilities allow. Whether a novice or expert sailor, you may join in sailing the ship, watch standing, navigating, and studying the marine life encountered. While our cook will prepare delicious and wholesome meals, passengers’ help and culinary skills are always welcomed in the galley. Seaward is not a cruise ship; passengers & crew all pull together to make each sea-going adventure a teamwork experience.

Seaward Specifications

Berths: 10
Crew: 4
Length: 82
Beam: 17
Draft: 8.5

Seaward Cabin Information

Type Description
Single berth w privacy curtainBerth

Berthing is in large single berths in common berthing area. Each berth has a reading light and privacy curtains.

Please refer to the voyage description page for pricing details.