The US Brig Niagara was built in 1988 as a reconstruction of the warship aboard which Oliver Hazard Perry won the battle of Lake Erie in 1813, during the War of 1812. Her mission is to interpret that period of history, promote the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Erie Region, and preserve the skills of square-rig seafaring.

Sail onboard this sail training vessel as a Trainee! From mid-May through mid-September, adults and teens (16 and up) from around the country (and the world) sail onboard learning the history of Niagara and traditional square-rig seamanship skills. While the ship is recently built with modern navigation and safety equipment, the design of her rig, the skills needed to sail her, and the living conditions onboard are authentic. Trainees must be willing to live under Spartan conditions, such as hammock berthing and living out of duffel bags, as well as doing without warm water showers and privacy. This program affords trainees the opportunity to live the sailor’s life, to have an adventurous experience under sail, and to learn from professionals who possess knowledge that has been passed down and preserved by square-rig seafarers for centuries.

Trainees in the Square-Rig Seamanship Training program must be willing to devote themselves to the service of the ship. Onboard a Sailing School Vessel like Niagara, trainees form a vital part of the ships manpower, and must be relied upon to perform tasks and duties as assigned by the professional crew. Trainees do not need to have experience, but a minimum sign-on of three weeks is required. Trainees must be of good health, ambulatory, and without any serious medical risk factors. Trainees must submit application and medical forms for consideration. Call 877-882-4395 toll free to ask for the forms.

Niagara Specifications

Berths: 40 hammocks
Crew: 18-20
Length: 198
Beam: 32.5
Draft: 11

Niagara Cabin Information

Type Description
Hammock berthBerth

Crew and trainees sleep below deck in an open berthing area, in hammocks, with all personal clothing and gear stowed in duffel bags.

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