How to Book Your Tall Ship Adventure

Before you can book a voyage, you have to know which ship and voyage you want. By using the Find Your Tall Ship Adventure button on this and several other pages, you will be taken to a search engine that allows you to make choices of destination areas, preferred ships and departure dates to help you select what you want. Once you have made your choices, and selected a voyage that fits your preferences, click on Request Booking For This Voyage from the voyage page to go to a Booking Request Form to send to us. After we receive it, we will contact the ship about availability and get back to you.

If you still have questions about a ship or voyage, please click on the Contact link at the top of this page to fill out a request for more information. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Or, if you would prefer, you may call us at our toll free number 888-340-9586 (from Canada and the U.S.)