Pacific Coast, U.S. to Central America

“Voyage Seaward Program”
This destination area extends for thousands of miles, from Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands in Washington State, south to the Oregon coast, California - including San Francisco Bay, Monterey Bay, the Big Sur Coast, Moro Bay, the Santa Barbara Islands, Santa Monica Bay, Catalina Island, Los Angeles, & San Diego - to Mexico's Baja California peninsula, the Gulf of California, and south to the Guatemala border. The climate varies widely, both seasonally and geographically, from chilly, wet winter weather in Puget Sound, to hot, dry desert weather on Baja and mainland Mexico. The coast has relatively few good harbors for sailors, from Cape Flattery on the Olympic Peninsula to the tip of Baja, when compared with the friendly gunkholing stops on much of the Atlantic Coast of the U.S. There needs be extensive offshore sailing to get from one safe harbor to the next on the Pacific Coast. As the name implies, however, the Pacific Ocean is usually fairly peaceful, with easy offshore passages.